"QI, The Quest for Intelligence", London 2000. prof warwick
Kevin Warwick, Professor, Department of Cybernetics, Universität Reading (Labor + Links)



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QI The Quest
for Intelligence

While human intelligence will slowly plod forward into the future, machine intelligence will evolve rapidly. It is humans who have set this trend in motion, but it is machines that are now designing and evolving more powerful machines.(,,,)

As time goes by we are deferring to machines and relying on their decisions more and more...

Could we, in the Western world, actually live a day without having contact with a machine? Think about it. Where does your water come from? What about your communications? What about your money? Any rational prediction of the future indicates that this reliance on machines, particulary to do our thinking and decision-making for us, will increase.(,,,)

How can we survive?
It is computers that are really suited to this information age, with their ability to think in many dimensions and deal with many variables and inputs. Human intelligence evolved in a world which no longer exists. ... How can we survive in a world to which we are not as well adapted as our creations?

It is clear that if robots of the future are more intelligent than humans, we may have a big problem.

The sword of life is intelligence. As we have lived by the sword with other creatures, so we will die by the sword in the hands of robots."

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